Where Can I Find Work At Home Jobs?

Work-From-HomeNow if you are like me, you are looking for companies that are looking to recruit people for work at home jobs. But if you have done any research at all, you know that working from home means work for yourself from home.

The remote job hasn’t really caught on yet, except if you happen to be in management or a member of some corporate platform that you’ve spent years gaining the trust required to work in the virtual world.

Are You Serious About Working From Home

If you have a trade or skill or even an idea that is marketable and you want to earn your income from the comfort of your own home, there are a multitude of options to do so.

If you want to work from home working for someone else, not run your own business you can always look at work from home platforms such as Arise.

The concept here is to join their site, fill out all the information about what it is you have to offer and place ads to find people to work for.

Sites like this one below help connect you with companies needing your skill set.

Social Media Searches

Another way to work from home using your trade, skill or idea is to search and join Facebook pages. Get involved in the forums that you can help in, such as tech writing, blogging, advertising, marketing, and so on. Or maybe you want to offer your job skill of carpentry, find out what people are looking for.

As usual, to work from home you must do the research. Find your audience, start communicating with them and then see where you can help. Opportunities arise from being part of something that already exists. So you have to put yourself out there.

Open An E-Store Using Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the easiest work-at-home concepts out there. Amazon, EBay, Shopify are just a few of the opportunities available to you. You combine these with any training platform and you could be in business in no time.

But sales do not happen overnight. While there is no inventory, no customers (because you are referring them to another site for their purchase). You set up the store front for them, but you have to get customers to come to your platform before sales begin. An unfortunate truth.

Marketing-ToolFind a Friend Who Knows A Friend

Check your wealth of friends who work in a market that you can be of assistance in. Or maybe they know of someone who knows of someone who could use what you have to offer.

Market your skills with the people you know. They already trust you and through brainstorming may be able to help you figure out the right venue to get started in.

Purpose and Conclusion

While this is a short and sweet version of working from home job opportunities, the main purpose for this post is to set it straight to those of you looking for a way to sit and home, push a button and wait for magic to happen where money suddenly starts flying out of your computer.

Now there are miracles, but most of us have to do the hard work to get results. But the “hard work” can be FUN work if you have someone to work with. Someone to help keep you focused on what you really want that work at home job for. Someone who will tell you, you can do it, even if you think you can’t.

I hope this article has given you something to think about. If you need a more in depth look at anything I’ve mentioned here, please reach out. I’d be happy to be of any assistance possible.

All The Best!


Founder of Beth’s Marketing Tips


14 thoughts on “Where Can I Find Work At Home Jobs?

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      Working from home jobs are considered to be the best job anyone would dream of as it basically means you get to determine your own work time therefore creating more times for the kids and other things, you have indeed done a good job pointing at the right steps to take and where to search for a work from home job. Much appreciated! 

      • Author gravatar

        You are so right, working from home is the best way to earn an income, especially when you’ve got kids. Keep coming back, I’m just getting started. My goal with this site is to help as many people work from the comfort of their own home as want to. We just have to hold ourselves accountable. The tools are there.


    • Author gravatar

      Awesome post! Thanks for taking time to write on this, It will help lots of people out there. There are many benefits of doing work from home job. There is no fixed time of work from home job. You can work at any time whenever you want to do.  You can take off whenever you need. Nothing can be compared to earning at ones comfort.


      • Author gravatar

        Thank you! So true, there is nothing that compares to earning your living from the comfort of ones home. My focus is to help as many as I can become successful at it. It’s not hard, just takes a little discipline and focus. Thanks so much!


    • Author gravatar

      Many of these aren’t going to make money overnight but they will make money when we stick with our niche and concepts. A pitfall is that most of us won’t treat this like a full-time job and the more we do treat it like a job, or in some cases, our own business, the faster we’ll see results. This kind of work can be fun and for me, it is. Even in those beginning stages where income is rather scarce, you will see results come to you when the appropriate amount of work is put in. How many hours minimum do you recommend others put in to their at-home job when first starting out?

      • Author gravatar

        Great point bringing up treating like a job versus a business. Most people want a job (working for someone else), but they want the comfort of a business (working from home). Few positions, so far, offer both. I hope we can change that within this community, where we can offer remote jobs to those who don’t want to start their own business (at least until they realize the benefits of starting their own business). 

        My recommendation for those just getting started, assuming you have a full time job as well, is 15-30 hours per week. 2-4 hours on work days and 10+ over the weekend. (Whatever your weekend happens to be)

        Thank you so much for your comment!


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      Beth.  You made an excellent point that so many people tend to forget.  There is a difference between a job that allows a person to work remotely and working from home.   

      More often than not, people that work from home have their own business.   They choose to work out of our house rather than pay for an office or shop space.  I fall into this category.  

      On the other hand, my son and a good friend of mine both have good paying, salaried jobs that allow them to work from home.  They each received that “privilege” after working for their respective companies for few years.   By then their employers knew them well enough to know that they would  actually work  even if they did not have the level of supervision that is found in most office environments.   

      Thinking about the differences makes me appreciate the ability to own my business, to choose my hours and to set my own priorities.   

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      I do appreciate your candid approach with this topic. I am one of those hoping to find a way to work from home and supplement my income. After reading your article, it has reinforced my thoughts that this will take a lot of hard work just like any job. Thank you for the suggestions to check out Arise. Sounds like an excellent place to see what might be out there in my skill set. Do you have any other suggestions?

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        Another site that doesn’t have a bad rep is Job Monkey. Just remember when you visit these sites that they usually charge a fee and be careful on any jobs you take. Unfortunately, there are way too many scams out there. Research, research, research!


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      Beth, thank you for sharing a great article. These days there are endless opportunities to work from home and become your own boss and, in my opinion, one of the best you mention is affiliate marketing.

      Affiliate marketing creates a win-win situation for all concerned from the vendor to the marketer to the end consumer. However, as you quite rightly say it does take time and effort to get things going before you start to see a regular income.

      For the quickest income, I would advise selling your skills and finding customers on many sites on the internet such as fiverr.com, freelancer.com and others.

      Working from home and being able to set your own hours is fun however you must have the discipline and put in the work required to achieve the success you want.

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      I currently work from home so I have experienced the flexibility and other benefits that come from working remotely. However, I still work for a company rather than having my own business so I’m looking to develop more so I can transition to working for myself.
      I like the tip to ask friends and others in our network as we often overlook how connected we are. It’s a good way to get referrals I think.

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