Online Advertising Marketing Services – Best Approach For Your Business

Before we begin to drill down to the best approach with online advertising marketing services or strategies that will best meet the objective (reach more clients) within a budget and time frame allotted by your business plan, lets go over the following.


What to look for before your start a campaign…

Unfortunately, when new entrepreneurs are entering the world of advertising, the trend is to just throw ads up anywhere online in hopes that someone will click on our link versus our competitors.

It appears that, again, we put the cart in front of the horse without taking the time to drill down on who our audience is, what we expect them to do and is this the right audience at all. In other words, have we actually researched the marketing platform versus our offer.

Now I know Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are great for having the ability to drill down and target only a segment of the market, but how is that working for you?

Have you tried direct marketing only to realize that maybe the leads are better quality, but it’s still not enough of a market to get your business off the ground. Do you stay with it?

Now I don’t have the answers to these questions about your business, but you do.

So let’s look at some questions we might ask ourselves before we get started:

  • How much does it cost versus what you plan to spend?
  • What does direct marketing do for my business?
  • What does social marketing do to increase sales?
  • What other advertising options might work for my business?
  • What’s an Advertorial and do I need one?Advertising-Budget

Cost versus Budget

In your business plan you should have an amount allocated for advertising. If you still haven’t written your business plan, I strongly suggest you start there before spending anymore money.

You need to know your budget!

Unfortunately when we start an at-home business we don’t really look at it as a business. I know I myself am guilty of that, and I’ve been in business with the corporate world for years.

So this time, the first thing I did was developed a business plan.

Now because I’m a one-person show it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should contain a marketing budget (the amount you plan to spend for advertising).

In determining how much to plan for your advertising campaigns, you might want to consider researching what advertising costs you will incur on the many different advertising platforms.

Finding an advertising platform that fits your budget and business

Now depending upon your particular business will determine what platform will work best for you.

For instance, if you are a blogger and content takes your interested customer from an advertorial to a landing page, a marketing service like Taboola might work for you. This is a platform designed for content marketing and though the cost per lead is higher, they tend to be return customers.

If you are selling baby clothes, Pinterest might be the best place to start. Moms and to-be moms use Pinterest to shop. And best part is that it’s free.

E commerce sites do well on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook and Instagram drill down to the exact customer base you’re selling to. In reality, I recommend just about any business start a Facebook campaign.

And we can’t forget Solo ads. Solo ads again work for most any type of business. Udimi will run ads for about 40 cents per click. Most tend to over deliver to weed out bot addresses. Solo ads are a good test ground for short content pages or videos.

Now you can use any of these platforms for your advertising venture, But I recommend researching the best match for your type of business (see what others are using and why). Then after you’ve done due diligence of testing, split-testing, tweaking and re-tweaking, then try another platform.

No guarantees, but any of these should work for your business. But the suggested use for your type of business is where I would, personally, start with.

One thing to keep in mind, and is highly recommended by top rated businesses, is to focus on one traffic source at a time, unless you have any unlimited marketing budget.



It takes time, testing and resources to develop a great ad campaign that works and gets recognized. So when choosing your advertising campaign make sure it correlates with the platform, and tweak it, test it, and repeat .

After a month or so, if you are not getting the results you expect choose another platform.

My recommendation is to start with Facebook. Facebook is known for being the easiest to set up and best lead generation platform that fits any budget. If that is what you are looking for.

And by all means give Microsoft, Toboola and other direct marketing platforms a try.

But like I mentioned earlier, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram may have the same type response. Post, tweak, split-test and repeat.

I hope this article has provided something you can walk away with and use in your business. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.


Founder of Beth’s Marketing Tips

4 thoughts on “Online Advertising Marketing Services – Best Approach For Your Business

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      I really like you post. It’s very informative and actually you highlight some problematic areas that requires attention. Definitely I will try to implement few of your tips on my website. I’m glad I read your post.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Beth

      Thank you for providing tips on some of the questions that we should asked before we consider advertising. Having a business plan and a budget are definitely things that we should think about, because, after all, we are building a business.

      I learned a lot from reading your article. You did a great job in writing about which advertising platform is best for a particular business. Your article did provide something that I walked away with and will be using in my business. Thank you.

    • Author gravatar

      Great ideas, Beth! I never thought of starting with Facebook. There are so many ads on there that I guess i just quit paying attention to all of them. Thanks for publishing this article. I definitely need to look more into the cost vs. budget side of things. Best wishes!

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