How To Use Pinterest For My Business – Another Marketing Tool


So how many of you business owners would actually consider using Pinterest for your business as a marketing tool? I know I didn’t realize how large this platform has become.

It just so happens that recently, when I stumbled upon a notification I received from Pinterest about new fall styles coming out from one of the people I follow, that I’m missing out on another social platform.

Using Pinterest for marketing your business

You see when I received this notification from Pinterest, it dawned on me that Pinterest is more than just a place for people who knit, sew or build to use as a part time medium to sell their products. This is actually another marketplace for all types of business, as I learned.

When this epiphany hit me, I decided to search and see what I could find. Sure enough, everything under the sun both online and brick and mortar…selling on Pinterest.

Now maybe you were already aware of this marketing tool and are using it. Good for you!

From what I’ve learned so far, it appears to be similar to Instagram, but set up more in store format, using what are called “boards.”.

The layout is easy and simple to use. I keep asking myself, why didn’t I think of this sooner.


How to get started on Pinterest?

Well for starters, you need to create an account. If you already have a personal account, like Facebook, you can set up a business account associated, yet separate.

Once you have your account set up, then you are going to want to find people you know or businesses of interest to follow. Start with approximately 10.

How do you know who to follow? Start with the search bar. If you connected your Pinterest account through your Facebook account, your friends who also have Pinterest should be available to you.

If you want to stick just with businesses and skip the family and friends option, go to the search bar and search a similar product or niche.

For example, let’s say you own an affiliate e commerce store that sells golf clubs. In the search bar type in golf clubs..Suggestions of people and businesses associated with golf clubs are found in the drop down menu.

Have fun with the search tool, until you find a few to follow. In addition, listed next to the description is the number of monthly visitors that business or person receives. These are potential followers. If you’re anything like me, the numbers amazed me.

Setting up your board

Next we are going to get content into your newly formed account. Pinterest uses boards to separate types of content.

Since Pinterest uses photos, similar to Instagram, you can either upload photos or have the tool chose a photo from the website page you are pulling content from. Setting up your board is easy. Just make sure to set up a page in your board for every page in your website.

Training – Consider using Pinterest

There is much learn about how Pinterest works and like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I just recently became aware that this is an option for my business on a platform I really hadn’t given much thought to.

So instead of typing what is already on the site, since I’m still in the process of getting my own set up. I have decided to place some instruction photos within this document. I usually stray from this idea, but I wanted to share this knowledge and maybe we can help each other through the process of getting things rolling.


In conclusion

Here are some fun facts that I learned while exploring Pinterest.


When I’ve got everything set up and running, I will do a followup article on Pinterest. If you want to work with me on this, please either comment below, or email me.

Let’s have fun!


Founder of Beth’s Marketing Tips

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