How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Business – Online or Offline

Instagram is the new marketing platform, and one we hear more about every day. People spend most of their time on their phone following what’s happening anywhere in the world.

So now the question is how to use Instagram for marketing your business, whether you have an online presence only, or both an online and brick and mortar business.

Why Instagram

First, I guess we need to determine what Instagram is before we start using it for advertising. As you most likely are aware, Instagram is basically a photo sharing app that most people used to share the current things happening in their lives between family and friends.

I know I use it to stay up to date with what my granddaughters doing 3000 miles away. It’s fun and easy to use. And I don’t miss her growing up.

So how does this feed into the business world? Well, first understand that it’s part of the Facebook family. Facebook owns Instagram. So why wouldn’t you use it for marketing. This is huge!

Imagine keeping your customers up-to-date when you issue a new product release or upcoming event through this venue. It doesn’t cost anything, but reaches millions.

Watch this video for an idea of what I’m referring to.

So how do we approach marketing with Instagram?

Well it all starts with downloading the Instagram app on your phone and setting up your account. Once this is done, then start uploading picture and/or videos.

As with any other marketing platform, offer content that people are looking for. Answer questions, provide feedback. Play with it.

Instagram is fun and easy to use, and like I said doesn’t cost you a thing (unless you want to get into bot programs which help create followers.

So basically you need organic followers on Instagram, which in turn means opportunity for more sales.

Instagram is still new in the marketing world, so people, for now, are more apt to look at what you have to offer with fresh eyes.

How does Instagram work

Well in order for Instagram to work for you, you first need to understand the algorithm of Instagram and how it tracks your behavior. Similar to Facebook, the algorithm is smart and knows what you reach, watch and view.

By tracking our behavior it allows for interaction with people looking for what we have to offer.

So basically, this is Facebook easy. Instead of Facebook pages, you just post your ad or video and like Facebook, it becomes available to people showing interest in whatever it is you’re sharing.

So basically the more followers, the better opportunity you have for your account to create a larger ocean of sales and follow up.

What are you waiting for

So how do you get started? Well begin with setting up an account. Connect with all the people you already know from Facebook and email. Build your profile and post your first video or picture.

Instagram is easy because we are already accustomed to Facebook and Twitter. But because Instagram is video/photo friendly, it opens up a new and easier world from which to have fun with your marketing campaigns.


So let have some fun and get started today.

Please comment below if you liked this article. I know its short and sweet. But I got all excited in writing this that I had to visit Instagram and find out what’s going in my online world.

Marketing has never been more fun and definitely never as easy as this to implement.

Just for kicks I’m going to give you this free copy of 5 Ways to Profit from Instagram to help you get started.

No more excuses!

Take care and comment below.


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