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Facebook As A Business Tool – Review


It seems that if you are in business, at some point or another you know you have to develop a Facebook presence.

What I learned while attempting to do a review on Facebook as a business tool, is that you’re crazy not to use Facebook as a business tool.

If you want to be in business in today’s social world, you must have a presence on Facebook. It’s like having a webpage for your business. Consider Facebook your social webpage.

Using Facebook as a business tool for marketing

Even if you don’t frequent Facebook for personal reasons, In all the research I’ve done to create this review, I found that it has become necessary for any business owner to have a Facebook page.

Facebook pages are as common now as the company webpage.

The Facebook page is one of the first places we ask our newly found customer to request access to. This is enticing to most, because our nature is social and this gives your customer a place to meet other like-minded people.

The Facebook page is your personal advertising platform.

Having a Facebook page has become on of 1he top business tools for many reasons. I’t a place where everyone on your list comes together. It’s like having your own meeting place to look for announcements, reach out for help or watch a webinar you missed.

While the Facebook page is just one tool available on Facebook, it is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to reach your customers once you get them there.

Facebook tools for marketing                              Facebook-Tools

Besides setting up ad campaigns, Facebook offers the means to set up reviews, contests, challenges, and any other creative means to reach out to your customer and learn what your audience is looking for.

What was once a way to keep in touch with family and friends has now become an essential tool for any business.

Here’s what you can do by using Facebook as a marketing tool:

  • Online Reviews
  • Promote your page
  • Manage advertising campaigns
  • Create online surveys
  • Boost a post
  • Scale your business
  • Turn traffic into customers
  • Campaign automation (turn ads on or off anytime)
  • Facebook allows
  • Raise awareness for upcoming events
  • Run challenges
  • Send people to your website or funnel

This list is just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can do on Facebook to understand what your customers need and want. What they are wiling to buy and what really should be tossed.

    Understanding facebook tools

Now this is where it can get a little tricky. While we know we need to be on Facebook, how does it work.

For the most part Facebook makes most of what you need to know fairly easy to use. But in order for your campaigns to be successful you have to truly understand how Facebook works with you and your business.

In order to fully take advantage of what Facebook offers the business owner, I strongly recommend either working with someone who knows the ins and outs of Facebook advertising or hiring a third party expert.

Success versus failure

Now anyone can become a successful advertising expert on Facebook. But it takes time, like anything else. In order to be successful you need to build your brand and Facebook allows you to do this easily with a free page that you invite everyone to join.

Learn what you need to grow your audience and following. Learn why likes are important, what works on your page and what doesn’t.

Success is always possible. It’s up to you to either learn how to find your success through your brand through blood, sweat and tears (so to speak), work with someone who understands how to get the most out of Facebook pages and advertising or hire someone else to help you with this process.

In conclusion

I chose to do a review on Facebook tools due to the fact that it has become so commonplace that I had to find out why.

What I learned is that people don’t do reviews about Facebook tools, Facebook uses reviews as a tool in their platform.

I guess because Facebook has been around for so long now, who would want to review a platform that has no limits. The developers have designed something here that is truly remarkable.

As a business owner, I am thrilled to have this as part of my marketing campaign platform.

As usual, if you have any questions, comments or need further information, please leave me a note below.

Thanks for reading!


Founder of Beth’s Marketing Tips

10 thoughts on “Facebook As A Business Tool – Review

    • Author gravatar

      Hello Beth,

      This is an interesting article to read. So many small business owners miss huge opportunities by not using social media marketing, especially Facebook. However, I don’t blame them because if they make a mistake they will go bankrupt before see real results.

      Facebook can be a very awesome way to not only improve business but to actually turn small businesses to huge businesses. It needs a lot of effort and understanding how to use this great tool to turn traffic to customers. Once we do it, it can be a huge hit for our business.

      Facebook has so many cons in my point of view and in my experience. But it is a platform that improving and evolving every year. That alone can be enough to look at its pros and forget those cons because simply they will fix them by the time.

      Thank you for this great article, I enjoyed reading it!

      • Author gravatar

        Very true Mohammad. I believe that every business needs at least a presence in social media, whether they pay for advertising or not. You can spend a little here and there to gain traffic and use your website and email to help get them in. Like you said, Facebook is evolving, just be careful not to dump everything into advertising without proper assistance. It’s a new social world out there.

        Thank you so much for your comment!

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Beth,

      I agree it is almost impossible to be in business without having a Facebook page. We all want proof that a business or product is good and Facebook is a great place to get that proof (we did before we hired a roofer).

      I also agree that it can be very complicated and it takes a bit of knowledge to really make it work. The few times I have looked at their “how-tos”, they have confused me even more!

      I’m glad you reiterated what I was thinking, that I need to develop a strong Facebook presence! Thanks for pushing me in that direction.

      All the best,

    • Author gravatar

      I have always been afraid to have a FB page. For some reason, whatever I end up doing lacks any form of popularity. At least now I know how and why others use FB for increasing their business. Thank you for going through all the research to give us this information. Best wishes!

    • Author gravatar

      I haven’t create a Facebook page to promote my business yet but reading this article has convinced me to get into it!! I have been busy setting up other social media accounts such as instagram and youtube and most recently pinterest. Thank you for this article and the advice!

    • Author gravatar

      Hello Beth, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Using social media is very important today when it comes to online business and I personally think that there is no better thing than Facebook. I like to use it to drive targeted traffic to my website and it really pays off.

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