Examples Of Marketing Tools I Use & Why

In order to efficiently run an online business, there are a certain set of marketing tools you need before you get started. Most of them have a 14-30 day free trial. So while you’re getting everything set up, it costs you nothing.

Email-Marketing-ToolEmail Marketing Tools

The two most common email marketing tools are Aweber and GetResponse. There are other well-known email services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, but there services don’t quite stack up.

I have used both platforms and like them both. They are easy to use, cost about the same each month and provide the same services.

Both have the following attributes:

  • Features
    • Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
    • Want to add headlines, text, buttons, images or videos, Just drag and drop them where you want them
    • Drag and drop email templates
    • Mobile responsive
    • Automated emailing
    • Unlimited storage
    • Unmatched deliverability
    • Easy import
    • Sign up forms
  • Platform Tools
    • Autoresponders
    • Self hosted sign up forms
    • Integrates with 3rd party apps
    • In depth analytics
    • Email marketing on the go – apps for your mobile device
    • Unlimited Image hosting
  • No add-ons or upgrades

Now I have been in business a while now (30+ years), and have been victim to ‘shiny object syndrome,’ and tried other services that included CRM, content delivery, etc. However, I always come back to AWeber, and this time I just can’t deny that the true ROI for my business is AWeber. I like GetResponse, but have had integration problems, so AWeber has my vote.

Website / Funnel Tools Webpage-Tool

Now you can get websites hosted most anywhere on the internet, but my research took me to Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate provides the #1 hands down easiest platform for building a website.

ClickFunnels won me over due to the extensive features on their site. Everything you need to build incredible funnels with support and training unsurpassed.

  • Website Domains/Hosting You can create and manage your design/build websites within a sophisticated website platform with Wealthy Affiliate. And all the tools you need, such as keyword research, email address, domain names and complete training. There is a monthly charge, but much cheaper than any other platform I’ve come across.
  • Funnel Hacking Clickfunnels offers a full-bodied experience on how to build and implement funnels into your business platform. There are other options for funnel hacking out there, but none that give you all the tools and support you need to succeed.
  • What to Expect
    • Easy to build any type of sales funnel for your business in less than 30 minutes
    • No tech, design or experience
    • No hosting, no domain
    • Email integration
    • Payment integration
    • Full training and support

Marketing-Tool Tracking Tools

So far the best I’ve come across is Build Redirect. This is a simple platform to create links for any type of tracking. This tracking software offers

This proprietary click and conversion tracking software can…

  • Create simple redirect links to maintain your branding
  • Create “Link Funnels” to ensure all your traffic goes where you desire
  • Protect yourself against dead pages with our Error 404 detection
  • Collect more quality leads with our optimize bars and popups
  • Redirect geo-targeted traffic to the right offers
  • Filter junk clicks from your campaigns
  • Send mobile traffic to mobile-friendly pages automatically
  • Safe-Guard your commissions with our link cloaking
  • Use custom variables to track almost anything you want

This software offers real-time statistics, robust reports and is simple to use.

Social-Media-Marketing-ToolsSocial Media Marketing

Social media is most likely going to be your biggest advertising platform. Therefore, you will want to be sure and set up a Facebook page for your business. You can use your current Facebook profile and the page is standalone. When you post from your page, the post reflects your Fan Page name and not your name.

You will need to set up a YouTube channel as well. I did not realize the impact that video has and YouTube is free and fun to use.

And don’t forget to get your Instagram account set up.

I have separate training videos on how to get these set up that I will share with you.

E-Commerce Marketing

Now I haven’t mentioned much about e-commerce yet because it is a whole topic in and of itself. But if you plan to use e-commerce as your platform, make sure you set up accounts with any of the following (these are just the few I know are reliable and easy to start with)…

  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify

Affiliate Marketing

Now affiliate marketing is everywhere. The key to this is to find a niche that you can really get behind and promote. Once you’ve determined what niche you want to work in, start Googling your niche following it with affiliate program. (ie, Golf Club Affiliate Programs…”Golf Affiliate Programs.”

Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank also have a wide variety of affiliate programs.

In Conclusion…

I hope this is enough to help get you started. We have barely scratched the surface of putting your business together, but with all the tools in place, the process will go much smoother and you’ll see results much sooner.

As always, should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me below.


Founder of Beth’s Marketing Tips

5 thoughts on “Examples Of Marketing Tools I Use & Why

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Beth,

      Good to know that you have share your experience in marketing what is to take.
      Thank you for this post and i want to try the clickbank and ebay.
      I will visit again this site of yours.


    • Author gravatar

      Thanks for the great information and layout which was so easy to read.

      I have had an interest in Click Funnels for years, but being that I am really just getting my feet wet with online marketing and the likes and being on a very tight budget I found Click Funnels not in my reach. I clicked on your link to see if the pricing had changed or if they offered more affordable options for beginners, but was unable to easily see any kind of price structure. So that makes me think that it is still out of my reach at this time.

      I do use Get Response now and I have for a few years. I think it is a great platform and it has come a long way since I first started with them. They offer so many more features for a great affordable price for newbies.

      • Author gravatar

        Yes, Clickfunnels is quite pricey, $97 per month. However, the affiliate program pays 40%, so this is one tool that can easily pay for itself, especially as it becomes more readily used. I agree, GetResponse does offer a great value.

        Thank you for your review. I truly appreciate it.


    • Author gravatar

      Thanks for this information. They’re is so much to know about marketing tools that it can be overwhelming, but you’ve done a good job at break it down.

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