How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Business – Online or Offline

How To Use Instagram For Marketing Your Business – Online or Offline

Instagram is the new marketing platform, and one we hear more about every day. People spend most of their time on their phone following what’s happening anywhere in the world. So now the question is how to use Instagram for marketing your business, whether you have an online presence only, or both an online and brick and mortar business. Why Instagram First, I guess we need to determine what Instagram is before we start using it for advertising. As you most likely are aware, Instagram is basically a photo sharing app that most people used to share the current things […]

Facebook As A Business Tool – Review

Facebook As A Business Tool – Review

It seems that if you are in business, at some point or another you know you have to develop a Facebook presence. What I learned while attempting to do a review on Facebook as a business tool, is that you’re crazy not to use Facebook as a business tool. If you want to be in business in today’s social world, you must have a presence on Facebook. It’s like having a webpage for your business. Consider Facebook your social webpage. Using Facebook as a business tool for marketing Even if you don’t frequent Facebook for personal reasons, In all the […]

Why It’s Difficult To Be A Successful Online Business Owner?

Why It’s Difficult To Be A Successful Online Business Owner?

Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? That if you don’t make this business thing work, your life is going to flat fall apart? Do you wonder what it takes to be that successful online business owner? I know I’ve asked myself this, and more than once in my online career. Life online can be extremely overwhelming for most of us. Why we choose to become an online business owner? I heard something the other day that reminded me why overwhelm so prevalent when starting an online business. Most people start an online business […]

Partner With Anthony Review – Step by Step Online Business Training

Who Is Anthony Morrison This young man has turned my life around, giving me the opportunity to actually earn an income online through his Partner With Anthony program. Due to an unfortunate downfall in his college years, he became an expert in marketing, saving his family from loosing everything, including his, his brother and sister’s college education. Because of his success, his father wanted to learn how to make money online like he was. Through this, Anthony realized that he had the ability to help a lot of people through partnering with them. Giving them the business, but also showing […]

Where Can I Find Work At Home Jobs?

Now if you are like me, you are looking for companies that are looking to recruit people for work at home jobs. But if you have done any research at all, you know that working from home means work for yourself from home. The remote job hasn’t really caught on yet, except if you happen to be in management or a member of some corporate platform that you’ve spent years gaining the trust required to work in the virtual world. Are You Serious About Working From Home If you have a trade or skill or even an idea that is […]

What Is a Niche Marketing Business?

As we begin the process of building a new business from the ground up, one of the first things to determine is what niche are we going to build our business around. In this article, “What is a Niche Marketing Business,” I will show you the some of the tools to assist in finding your own niche market. So What Is a Niche Marketing Business? Basically the niche is a small portion of a larger market. So for instance, if you want to sell food, what type of food are you going to sell. Let’s say I chose produce. Well […]

Examples Of Marketing Tools I Use & Why

In order to efficiently run an online business, there are a certain set of marketing tools you need before you get started. Most of them have a 14-30 day free trial. So while you’re getting everything set up, it costs you nothing. Email Marketing Tools The two most common email marketing tools are Aweber and GetResponse. There are other well-known email services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, but there services don’t quite stack up. I have used both platforms and like them both. They are easy to use, cost about the same each month and provide the same […]

What Are Marketing Tools – What Every Online Marketer Needs To Know

The first question I usually get is what marketing tools do I need? In order to understand what exact tools you will need, you first need to understand their purpose. Marketing tools are the operational portion of our business. Without them, we would have to walk door to door and use pen and paper to find out how we did. The online world has made this process so much easier and has made reaching more and more potential customers simple. You just have to put in the time and a usually costs of money. Results follow over time. Email Tools […]

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Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting Beth’s Marketing Tips. I have developed a keen knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when spending your hard earned money on an online business. I’ve been in the marketing realm for many years testing product after product for ease of use and set up to run. This site is here to help you get set up with support so you have an up and running business the first time out, while learning how to ignore all the sparkle and glitter. My Story Like many of you, I have purchased one program after another […]

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